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The Center for Career Development complements The Cooper Union's academically centered tradition by preparing students to make a successful transition from studying with a distinguished and creative faculty to applying their knowledge and skills to a professional practice. click here to expand »click here to collapse «

The Career Center facilitates student inquiry into relevant applications of the education they have received at the institution, strengthening The Cooper Union's historic commitment to science and art.

The Career Center helps both students and alumni to further their professional development by teaching them how to use self-knowledge in relation to career decisions and goals, conduct career-related research, identify and pursue opportunities, prepare competitive application materials, and document and present their accomplishments. The Career Center staff seeks to achieve these goals while striving to maintain impartiality and without imposing personal biases. The Career Center cultivates positive relationships with employers, experiential-learning sites, graduate-study institutions, and not-for-profit resource organizations; identifies and promotes external grants, fellowships, and scholarships; helps shape and aid institutional goals; provides direction and consultation within the Institution on career development concerns; fosters constructive, reciprocal internal relationships; and supports Institutional assessment and relevant research endeavors and their publication, especially in relation to accreditation standards; and helps maintain Cooper Union history through its archival practices.

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VISION click here to expand »click here to collapse «

To advance personal, educational, and professional growth.

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VALUES click here to expand »click here to collapse «

The Center for Career Development is guided by these core values:
  • Commitment to the pursuit of equitable and unbiased support of all students and alumni.
  • Encouragement of self-accountability, initiative, and autonomy.
  • Dedication to promoting a culture of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, engagement, generosity, and respect.
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